Happy Friday friends!  I hope you are all having a great week and are ready for the weekend.  My mini and I are so excited to bring you today’s blog post!  We’re teaming up with Bernardo Fashions to bring you cozy inspired looks that keep you stylish and comfortable…and don’t forget to always bring the “fun” to every situation.  I go through days where I feel down or blue and not my usual playful self.  After many years of experience…I was finally able to grasp the concept that it’s up to you to bring the joy, happiness, fun….or whatever you may call it.  I wish that was something I knew when I was younger.  I’m sharing this with my kids now…and although they are so little I think they are understanding the concept.  Don’t wait for that “good news”, compliment, opportunity, etc!  Always have gratitude, be thankful for what you have.  And on those days you feel down it’s up to you to change it.  Turn up your favorite Pandora station,  call an old friend, take a 10 min walk outside with no phone, and always BE GRATEFUL.  You will be amazed at how you can turn your day around. 

These coats have been on repeat lately!  They’re perfect for chilly carpool mornings, walks with the fam, running errands and even a little Friday Night lights! I styled this cozy puffer with skinny jeans, ankle booties and a tee shirt.  We also wore matching beanies to stay extra warm.  Bernardo has sooo many great jacket options for your winter wardrobe.  I’m linking our exact jackets below and also some of my other Bernardo FAVorties!!   You can shop my jacket here (I’m wearing the color MoonRock size S)…and my mini-me’s here.   


UPDATE:  So excited to share that both of our jackets are on Sale right now!!



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*A big thank you to Bernardo Fashions for sponsoring this post!

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