Canopy Tank


This top is stylish, comfy and unique all on it’s own

(Runs true to size)


This might be my favorite wind mustache thus far


On a different note I just wanted to share one of things that has helped me in moments of self doubt.  No matter how secure or confident one may “seem”…everyone has insecurities.  I had times of self doubt growing up…trying to fit in and worrying too much what other people think  (more on that topic another date).  But one thing I’ve learned that helps, is to get out of your own head and think more about helping others…even if it’s the smallest difference you can make in their day.  It can be as simple as buying coffee for the next person in line… putting a cute note in your kids lunches…to sending your spouse an out of the blue “i’m thinking of you” text….or dropping off chicken noodle soup to a sick friend.


When you’re able to make someone else feel good… you feel good….and that builds confidence!


Hope this can help brighten someones day.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

xx, Aylin




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