Happy weekend friends!   We’re officially in December territory and the holidays are upon us.  I don’t know about you but I always tend to take on too much this time of year and always get overwhelmed.  I always tell myself to chill out…but NOPE.  I just can’t.  Someone help me…lol.  One thing that has helped a little is…waking up 10 minutes earlier to do some stretching and writing in my gratitude journal.  This is before I check my phone or do anything else.  I’m linking this amazingly soft sweater here and some other favorites below.  Seriously this thing is soooo soft and fuzzy.  True story.  When this came in the mail my kids were making fun of it like it was a blankie.  Well…I was tucking my son into bed last week and I found him asleep, snuggled up in bed, holding this sweater.  lol…but so cute.  




Hope you have a great day!  



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