_MG_9818_MG_9945_MG_9906_MG_9780_MG_9885    _MG_9931I think it’s very important to wear pieces that feel comfy and cozy.  But with that said it’s easy to go down the homely route. Here are my tips on keeping the flannel shirt functional but still keeping it pulled together.

    1) Break up the plaid pattern with some solids.  I did that by adding a boxy white T and keeping the flannel unbuttoned.  It gives it a more effortless look.
    2) Dress it up with your favorite accessories.  Whether it’s a fancy clutch, big sunnnies, high heels, dressy flats or a big hat.  This will instantly take the flannel from sloppy to classy
    3)Tuck it in!  This works great when you’re pairing your shirt with a skirt or tailored pants.  This will give your look a more feminine vibe.  xoxo









    _MG_2846I’m so excited to welcome you to Table Tuesdays!   From my living room, family room, kitchen to even my bedside table.  I will be sharing what’s on my table each week!  I hope what you see inspires you to get creative, think outside the box and have fun decorating your own.  I’ll admit…I like pretty things.  And pretty things can come with a hefty price tag.  Well…I love to be challenged.  And most of what you’ll see on my Table Tuesdays are deals that can not be passed!   They might look expensive but 9 out of 10 times they’re are a steal.  So again welcome to my Table Tuesdays!

    Please enjoy the quick video below…

    _MG_2848_MG_2851 _MG_2860My new favorite find from Home Goods is this gorgeous Desk-Top Clock.  It has a beautiful shape and antique gold finish.  I love the size.  And I especially love how it has a stand on the back (just like a picture frame).  It’s nice having the large face in my face…so I don’t get carried away on the computer.  Don’t want to forget to pick up my kids from school…lol-jk.  It was only $24.99.  One thing you’ll see lots of in the next coming weeks are styling boxes.  Not sure if thats the correct term?  But that’s what I like to call them.  I love how they’re pretty as jewelry boxes…but super functional.  I added sharpie markers, post it’s, erasers and measuring tape to the one on my desk.  It keeps everything organized and concealed with style.  Also from Home Goods and only $14.99.  I had some carryover from a dozen roses I bought and couldn’t find a vase small enough for just 3 roses.   So I rummaged through my kitchen cabinets and found an old mason jar.  They fit perfect! Mason Jars can be pricey if you buy them from home stores or craft stores.  Check out your local grocery store’s container aisle.  They are much cheaper there!  xoxo



    _MG_2391 _MG_2390_MG_2392  _MG_2389

    _MG_9654 _MG_9641_MG_9647 _MG_9643 - Version 2 _MG_9620

    I love transitioning my summer pieces into cooler temps.  And what better way than layering.  I wanted to dress down this fancy maxi with something colorful, casual, cozy and warm.  So I reached for my sweatshirt and made it work!  Throw on a couple bracelets, your sunglasses and you’re ready!  Click here to see how I wore this dress minus the sweatshirt.  My style is a mix of dressy with a bit of casual.  I’m the girl you will see out wearing a statement necklace with flip flops.  Or the girl who goes out at night in a boxy, casual T-shirt but wears 4″+ heels.   I love when opposites play on each other.   I also love mixing warm with cool tones…that’s why I gravitated towards this red color.  It really pops off of the blueish gray dress.   What would you say your personal style is?  Would love to know  ♥                                                                                                





    _MG_5763_MG_5818 _MG_5815  _MG_5593_MG_5553_MG_5680

    We spent the weekend at the beautiful La Quinta with some friends and one of my favorite blogger friends Corriegabs! If you haven’t been there I would highly recommend it.  La Quinta is at the base of a very tall mountain…so the resort is shaded early afternoon…which brings the hot desert temps down a bit.  There are over 40 pools on the resort!  So it’s easy to find one if you want to relax in peace and quiet.  We traded in our summer colors for more fall-like tones for this shoot.

    High waisted bottoms “can” be very flattering.  Instant Legs for days! Here are my TIPS on finding the right pair and how to wear them.  Number 1: High waisted shorts tend to have a shorter inseam… so just be careful you find one that’s not too short.  If anything other than your leg is peeking out of the bottom it’s probably a good idea to find a longer pair.   Number 2:  My favorite Top to wear with high waisted shorts are tanks or T-shirts.  I love the casualness of the Tank or T with a dressier bottom.  You can always dress up the look with accessories and shoes.  Number 3:  Tuck in your top!!  This will show off the highwaisted-ness and will give you the look of longer legs.  This might be weird…but body suites work really well for this.  That way there’s no bunching or untucking going on.  

    On Aylin…




    SHOES (old, similar here)

    On Corrie…

    DRESS (similar here)




    _MG_7653_MG_7638_MG_7659A_edited-1_MG_7748  _MG_7729_MG_7682Love this new arrival from Anthropologie!  It’s the perfect dress to transition into Fall because of the long sleeves.  I had to run some errands a couple hours before our date…and didn’t have time to run home to change.  So I just packed some heels and a clutch.  That was enough to dramatically change this look!  What’s your favorite thing to wear for date night?




    SHOES (day) old, see similar

    SHOES (night)