Before I dive into today’s post I just wanted to announce that I signed up for Poshmark!  So many of you showed interest in purchasing some of my Stylin pieces and I have to say that made me so happy!  To see my poshmark closet and items that are available head to poshmark.com or this link here!  If you have any questions about any of the items please ask my anytime!

Thank goodness for Tee shirts! 

 I wear one almost daily.  They are so versatile.  But I will admit that not all Tee shirts are created equal.  I’m very picky with my Tee’s and I’m listing my criteria on what I look for before I decide to purchase a new one.  Because let’s be honest…Tee’s are the perfect wardrobe staple that should be fully stocked.  Also sharing my top picks Tee’s that are all under $30…and BTW the tee I have on is on sale for $10





ONE:   Don’t be fooled by the price.  Just because a Tee shirt is priced over $100 does not mean it will last any longer.  I have purchased some Tee shirts over the years that were under $50 and they have lasted longer than some higher price point Tee’s.


TWO:   Softness.  I like to feel the Tee shirt before I even decide if I want to try it on.  If it is stiff or not soft on the skin…I skip it.  This tip is not possible with online shopping…so I will usually purchase a few different options and then decide which one I would like to keep. 


THREE:  Machine washable.  I have bought Tee shirts in the past, worn them and then after find out they are dry clean only.  I’m totally fine with dresses, blouses and other tops being dry clean only…but a TEE??   I learned my lesson and now check before purchasing it the Tee is machine washable.


Some of you have been asking about what I do for working out.  I play tennis once a week (took a couple months off due to broken toe).  That is one of my favorite days of the week!  I really want to improve my game and would love to add another day in the mix.  Both of my kids play….so I’m really excited to get out there more this summer! Back in January I canceled my gym membership (lol…of all the months).   The reason was I found myself not taking any classes and only using the elliptical.  Jeff and I decided that it would save time and money if we purchased our own elliptical machine…and it has been so nice and convenient to use it at home.  I try to go on it 20-30 min 3-4 times a week.  It’s really hard for me to stay on there longer than 30 because I get pretty bored…but podcasts have been making the time go by a lot faster!   I also want to make it a goal to go on more weekend family hikes…and a quick neighborhood walk after dinners.  When I was growing up that was something we did almost every night. 


Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you had a great day! 

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