In Turkish Cuisine there are a variety of vegetables that are cooked in olive oil and called Zeytinyağlı Kereviz. They are served as appetizers (meze) for buffet tables. Also, served at room temperature as a second course or as a side dish.

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 medium onion finely chopped  (Linked Here)
 carrots small diced (Linked Here)
 parsnips small diced
 cups frozen peas thawed (Linked Here)
 fresh artichoke hearts, trimmed, frozen or preserved in jars. (Linked Here)
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil (Linked Here)
 tsp sugar (Linked Here)
 tsp kosher salt (Linked Here)
1/2  cup chopped fresh dill (Linked Here)

 Tbsp fresh lemon juice  (Linked Here)



  • Place olive oil in a saucepan, add onion over medium low heat, add salt and sugar sauté until transparent 
  • Add carrot and parsnips, sauté five minutes and place them in a bowl, add fresh dill 
  • If you’re using fresh artichoke hearts, at this point put them in the same saucepan and place the mixture in and around each one, add 2 cups hot water and lemon juice, cover with the lid and cook until artichoke hearts are tender, add peas and remove from the heat 
  • If using the canned or frozen artichoke hearts follow the same instructions except add only 1 cup hot water and cook until the water is absorbed, add peas, remove from the heat and cook in the saucepan 
  • Arrange artichoke in a serving platter and fill the hearts with the mixture, decorate with fresh dill. Serve at room temperature. 

*For this recipe you can substitute parsnips with a small diced potato and whole artichoke hearts with the cut up frozen artichokes. 




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