Hi girls, hope you are all having a great week! If you’ve been following me on ig stories you would know that I recently went to a Roar and Snore at the San Diego Wildlife Safari Park with my hubby and our littles. You guys…it was so cool! It was basically “glamping” and our tent was right next to the elephants and giraffe’s.  I honestly didn’t do too much research before our stay so I didn’t know what to expect.  The sleep over includes, dinner, tent, smores, breakfast, and tram ride.  They also give you a private tour once the park closes and you get to see all the animals at night.  This part was really cool considering a lot of the animals are nocturnal. So fun and such a unique experience.  If you are ever in the area I highly recommend it. 


In the spirit of trying new things and the inspiration I got from the beautiful safari park…lots of animal prints have made their way into my closet lately lol. I wanted to share a new way of shopping with you that I have been trying out. It’s so cool and I even got you girls a discount code!  Use RTRSTYLINBYAYLIN to get $100 off your first 60 days.


It is basically renting a new wardrobe a few pieces at a time without the commitment or high cost of buying new clothes every week. I love that!  Especially for special occasions.  I love to shop just as much as the next girl but, sometimes I don’t want to spend hundreds on clothing that may just sit there for the rest of the year. That new outfit feeling which I feel confident saying we all love doesn’t last long and it becomes an expensive habit. With Rent the Runway Unlimited it’s only a $159 monthly fee and you can get thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing to keep you and your closet looking fresh and on trend!


This dress is so cute! I am super picky when it comes to animal prints.

They have to be high quality and done well. And this one definitely fits the bill. 

This dress has a beautiful silhouette and is really comfortable.

You can easily style it for summer or fall by adding boots and a leather jacket. 




I really love this sweater. It is really soft and such a nice shape.

I love the billowing pucker detailing at the cuff, and it’s the perfect length to pair with denim jeans, slacks for work and skirts!

I’m also really into layering sweaters over dresses this season…it helps get a little more wear out of those summer items which is always a bonus. 




H O W   I T   W O R K S

There are three different ways to rent with Rent the Runway. I’ve broken out each below.  There are several ways you can shop per event and reserve a date for your occasion, get a 4 new items every month or have an entirely new outfit every week. Rent the Runway will send your item via 2 day shipping with dry cleaning , insurance, and return shipping included. When ordering for a one time event and not as a monthly membership plan they send your selected  item in 2 sizes to insure you get the perfect fit! Memberships do not require a contract it is a month-to-month payment and super easy to cancel on the phone 




R T R   

This option is meant more for special occasions or planned events. This is a one time rental of designer labels. Renting items for a special occasion is so easy, just shop online to find your item and, reserve your dates (either 4 or 8 day rental). Your items arrive in 2 business days in 2 different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. No membership is required for this. 


R T R   R E F R E S H

Refresh your wardrobe each month by renting 4+ pieces for your shipment every month. Exchange one or all for new pieces the following month. Also, this always includes free 2 day shipping, dry cleaning and insurance in case anything happens to the garment. This means there is no risk to you. This option is nice if you have any special events or want fun weekend outfits and don’t want to invest in new clothes constantly. This option is only $69 for the first intro month ($20 off) and $89 a month after. 


R T R   U N L I M I T E D

The unlimited option is so great if you are constantly out and about and need to dress to impress! This option allows you to swap out as many items as you like during the month, with 4 pieces at a time. You can literally have an entirely new closet every month and never wear an outfit twice. Keep new pieces in constant rotation and even buy the pieces you love at a discounted price. The membership is $159 a month, but you can get $100 off your first 60 days with my promo code below. This could esaily be the price of one purchased item so I consider it to be a bargain. Like the other two options free shipping, dry cleaning, and insurance is included. 


Remember you can get $100 off your 60-day trial of RTR unlimited with code:

RTRSTYLINBYAYLIN ($50 off each month). 


P E R K S   O F   A   M E M B E R S H I P

With Rent the Runway Unlimited you can create an infinite number of outfits with access to over 400 top designers plus you’ll receive personalized recommendations.

One of the best perks is that only m embers can get a discount of up to 80% off items if you decide to purchase and 25% off 4 or 8-day RTR Reserve rentals, always.


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this gives you some ideas for the next time you want to look and feel your best!! 



P.s. A big thank you to Rent the Runway for partnering on this post! Everything I share, as always, are my own thoughts and opinions.


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