Hi girls…happy weekend!  One question I get asked a lot is how I achieve my loose, wavy curls.  I’ll be honest, the type of products and tools you use will make all the difference.

Today I’m so excited to be teaming up with Nordstrom Beauty to share my step by step routine and which tools and products I use!





Shampoo and Conditioner:  I love this one!  I’ve been using it for the past 10 months and love how soft and silky it makes my hair feel.  I do notice a little bit more shine too which is a plus.   Beauty TIP:  rotate your shampoo and conditioner every few washes to prevent build up.  I like to switch them out…but always rotate back in my favorites.



Serum or Leave in Conditioner:  This step is really important because it not only protects your hair from heat and outdoor elements…but it also keeps it moisturized and stronger than if you didn’t use it.  I put on serum right out of the shower…then brush.





Round brush and Blow-dry only the front sections:  This step is important to do the first 20 min out of the shower.   You don’t want your hair to be too wet or too dry.  Use a round brush and tame/smooth out those face framing pieces.  I can’t even express how much I regret it when I skip this step.  I have naturally curly hair on the bottom and a mix between wavy and straight hair on top.  So by taking care and taming the front pieces before they get too dry really helps if I’m going to have a good or bad hair day.   After I either air dry the rest of my hair or zap it loosely with the blow dryer.  And I just use my fingers to separate the pieces.  Not a brush.  (fyi: depending on your hair type, this step may not apply to everyone.)





Curling iron:  I’m obsessed with the T3 iron.  (Note:  I love the 1.25″ barrel size).  I’ve tried many curlers in the past and this one works the best for me.  They offer so many options and interchangeable irons.  Just fyi…the base is sold separately.  (SEE HERE).  I’ve tried the wand irons before and I’m not a fan.  I know it’s just a matter of getting used too…but I’m usually multi-tasking while curling my hair…so the clamp comes in handy so I can have a free hand.  I do have to admit that I sometimes get ancy-or impatient while curling my hair.  One thing I do that is soooo random but good for your body are “butt lifts”…lol.  I used to take Barre classes all the time, so I have a few butt toning moves engraved in my head.  Anyways that is one of the random examples of me multi-tasking.

Take a dry section of hair and make sure the hair is wrapping away from your face.  I like to leave 2-3 inches out of the barrel.  Then I leave it on for 30 ish seconds…open up the clamp by small pulses…then I pull the barrel downward releasing all the hair out of it.  (Note:  Keep the ringlets tight)





Hair Spray & Dry Shampoo:  If I could only use one hair product for the rest of my life it would have to be the dry shampoo from “Living Proof”.  I just stocked up on 3 bottles so I don’t run out in the near future.  It works similar to magic…absorbs oil like no other and doesn’t leave a residue.  It smells really good and just leaves your hair clean, light, fluffy and fresh.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me anytime!

I hope you have a great weekend and thank you so much for stopping by Stylin by Aylin today!


P.S.  A big thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post

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