I can not believe it is already August! This summer is going by way too fast. I feel like school just got out for summer and I’m already thinking about back to school and all the things we need to finish to feel prepared. One of the most hectic parts of a day is the morning time. Getting the kids ready, dressed, fed and out of the door on time can be a struggle.

If you’ve been following along this week you’d know we already covered how to have successful mornings with the littles but I didn’t really cover what I do for the hubs and myself.  If I don’t eat with the kids then I sometimes go way too long before getting in a good meal. Which is terrible… I know! So, I’ve found a few easy things to add to my morning routine that have really helped make sure that doesn’t happen. They are so delicious and make sure my day gets off to a great start!

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L E M O N   W A T E R

I love to start the day with hot lemon water. Water helps with the obvious..hydration and to keep your skin looking nice. Lemons are packed with nutrients including vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. They even contain more potassium than apples or grapes which is good for your heart and brain function! Lemons also help your Immune System, aid in digestion and help to flush toxins out of your body. So it’s a great way to start every morning. 



We have the Nespresso machine which I absolutely love. I make my coffee with a shot of espresso, a splash of cream, a pinch of cinnamon,  then I add in a scoop of Vital Proteins with collagen which I’ve shared with you girls before. The Collagen helps with hair, bones, joints & nails. I’ve been taking 1 scoop a day consistently and my nails have never been longer or stronger!



M E A L   O P T I O N   O N E

This meal is so fast and easy to make and it’s the egg and cheese burrito.  I scramble 2 organic eggs add in 1/4 cup almond milk cheese, and everything but the bagel seasoning which I get from Trader Joe’s. Then I quickly cook an uncooked tortilla, fold it all up and viola…. the perfect breakfast packed with protein and flavor. 


M E A L   O P T I O N   T W O  

Sometimes I am not really in the mood for eggs so this is my favorite alternative easy breakfast. I toast flaxseed bread and spread peanut butter on it which is my source of protein. Then I slice bananas and drizzle raw honey on top.  You can also sprinkle on some slivered almonds too. If I have an extra sweet tooth, I’ve been known to add a dollop of whipped cream too!  Fun fact…raw honey is a great power food.  It can give you energy and boost your immune system it is also full of antioxidants AND has antibacterial properties. 



I believe that vitamins are so important and I try to take mine every day. Recently we got a juicer and now I always try to have fresh organic oranges on hand for it. That way after breakfast I can have a small glass of fresh squeezed OJ to take my vitamins with. 


O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

My morning routine can only be made better by the coziest of outfits.  And I have to say, these yoga pants and tee are so comfortable. You know how I like my clothing cozy and soft, and these feel like butter. I love that these pants are light weight enough to wear in the summer but still have that cozy factor. The material is stretchy and they have an elastic waist band and pockets! This top is the softest material. It comes in a few colors and is the perfect staple item. Great to wear with a pair of jeans during the day or just to lounge around the house in. Its really nice quality. Jockey also has a really great variety of bralettes and tank tops that are also great every day items to have on hand. 


Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day and I’ll chat soon!



P.s. A big thank you to Jockey for collaborating on this post! Everything I share, as always, are my own thoughts and opinions.


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