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This week on Stylin Aylin Home I’m focusing on home organization in the new year! I get so motivated to start the year off fresh, clean out the clutter, and get myself organized. This week I’m sharing pieces that will help you do just that. I hand-picked these pieces & I hope they bring you some inspiration for getting in the mood to organize your house too. Be sure to check back for my next Stylin Aylin Home series coming soon.

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T I E R E D   T R A Y

I don’t know about you but, I seem to collect beauty products that clutter my countertop quickly. I was happy to find this beautiful marble tray to hold my beauty products, perfumes, everyday jewelry, etc! It’s so simple but helps me keep my countertop clean and all of my favorite products easily accessible. Also, if one day you decide not to use the tray, the marble lifts off and can just be used as a flat piece of marble. You can put a plant, candle and perfumes on it in your bathroom or on your dresser.


D R A W E R    D I V I D E R S

These bamboo dividers make keeping your drawers organized so easy. Whether you use them in your kitchen utensil drawer or in your dresser drawers they will help keep you organized.


F O O D   C O N T A I N E R S

These food storage containers are so simple and are really aesthetically pleasing. They help keep your pantry tidy and organized and you’re able to easily see what you have left. It’s also a nice way to help your food last longer since they’re air tight.  These ones are great because they also come with a scoop which is helpful for grains and flour.


S T O R A G E   B A S K E T S

I love these pretty neutral rope storage baskets. The leather handle gives a nice elevated look. They are great for hiding unsightly items on shelves or in cabinets.  I use them in my laundry room and love them. They come in several sizes too which is so nice. One is even large enough to hold pillows and blankets or could be used as a laundry basket.


C L E A R   B A G S

These bags are great for organizing your cosmetics, electronics, toiletries, skincare, travel necessities. Super easy to throw into your purse or luggage or even just to keep your vanity drawers organized. I love keeping my nail polish in here. I have them in all three sizes and love them each for different items. My kids use them for school


Z I P L O C K   O R G A N I Z E R

This ziplock bag organizer is a complete game changer for drawer organization. It’s so nice to have all of your different sized ziplocks in one place. And a bonus to not have all those cardboard boxes floating around. Some even come with a space for your plastic wrap and tin foil.



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