Sequins and Champs for the Holidays!

Nothing like some sequins and champagne to get into the holiday party spirit!


What are your plans for NYE?  Have you decide to wear a dress, pants, skirt???  Just keep in mind that less in more.  If you plan on wearing any sequins that night…keep your accessories to a minimum.  You want keep your statement piece as it should…and let the accessories, shoes, bag etc…compliment it.  Not distract from it.


 It’s fun to change up your barware every now and then.  Most of my champagne glasses developed this weird cloudy film from over the years.  A quick trip to Home Goods…and for only $2.99 a glass there’s a good excuse for a new set!  This bar cart is from Target (here).  And all the accessories, barware, glasses, white tree are from Home Goods


Love how this white blouse has a bow-tie neck.

Gotta love a big bow detail…and the play of it against a pair of leather pants (pleather)



Swig’n the photo prop

BTW…  I saw my friend Amanda wearing these “leather” pants the other day and was shocked to find out A. they were not real leather.  B. They were from H&M   and C. Full price 19.99.  Shut your front door!?!   The option online looks very similar.  Have not seen that one in person but check your local store to get this exact pair.   Oh…also the lining of these pants are a super soft fabric.  Keeps your legs warm.  Thanks Amanda!
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These shoes are from a few years back (Kate Spade)…but I linked some other party shoes that would be perfect for a night out!


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