Happy Saturday!  It’s after midnight (on Friday night) so it really is Saturday…lol.  I was watching the Olympics with the fam…and I totally fell asleep on my sofa (shocker).  So after washing my face I got my second wind and I’m not sleepy…nooooooo.   To be honest I have recently been in a work funk.  Wasn’t feeling super inspired or that motivated.  I feel like this happens to me every year after the holiday burnout.  Well after accepting the fact that it’s normal to go through those feelings…I’ve been able to listen to a lot of podcasts, read some books, recharge and I’m feeling very inspired again!   


Current Favorite Podcasts

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Chel Hamilton’s Meditation Mini’s


To help get re-inspired I did a major Spring cleaning!  I highly recommend everyone to do that at least once, twice, three times a year!   I also made a quick trip to some of my favorite stores to get some new accessories, organizers and pretty display cases.  I love this clear glass jewelry box (see above).  It’s the perfect way to display your favorite pieces.   I found this one at Homegoods but I linked some similar and other favorite options for you below.  I’m also big on travel cases for jewelry.  I found some really cute ones!  





I’m a perfume rookie considering the last bottle I bought was over 10 years ago.   I just get so overwhelmed sniffing all the samples and bottles and coffee beans that I’ve avoided perfume shopping for a long time.   Well recently I did a little online research before going into the store.  And let’s be honest, buying a new fragrance online is nearly impossible.  But I loved reading people’s comments & reviews which helped to narrow down some bottles I wanted to test out.   I’m very pleased to say that I’m 95% sure I purchased some new fragrances that I will proudly wear! 


Here are a couple of things I learned from my recent shopping trip. 


1. don’t spray perfume on those paper cards to sample!  It is not a true rep of the fragrance.  I pretty much only smelled alcohol.   

2. Spray the perfume on a kleenex to test or roll your sleeves way up and designate certain sections of your arm to test.  

3. Give it a good 10-15 min for the fragrance to develop once you spray it on your skin. 

4. Don’t forget about home fragrances!  I picked up this bottle too.  I have the candle in the same scent and I looooove it!  I’ve been spraying a light mist over my pillows and throws.  



I know this post is a little different from most of my fashion posts.  Would you like to see more of these kinds of posts???  Please send me a quick yay or nay to my email… aylin@stylinbyaylin.com.  I really value and appreciate your feedback!!  

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you have a great weekend!



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