Hi girls!  This is probably one of my favorite beauty posts to date!  I have to admit that I’m addicted to self tanning.  There’s something about having a little color that makes me feel more confident and I love that healthy glow.  I also have a little beauty trick that I swear by (sharing that below).  Today I’m teaming up with Nordstrom and sharing this glowy summer look. I’ll be sharing which self tanner I’ve been using and some newer products I’ve been rotating into my normal beauty routine that I’ve been loving. So thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this post!




As I mentioned above I am no stranger to researching and testing out a bunch of different self tanners.  And when it comes to the type of self tanner I end up using on a daily basis I’m very picky!  From the smell, to the sticky factor (no thanks), to the color after the immediate color washes off.  All the pieces have to fit.  Clarins has been my go to for years and years…& is still a favorite.  I recently discovered St. Tropez self tan express and so happy I did!  It really does live up to the “express”.  It’s fast drying and I love the immediate color and also the color that develops.  It’s very natural.   GAME CHANGER TIP:  I recently started applying my facial self tanner with a kabuki brush.  Ahhhhmazing.  It’s so nice to let the brush do all the blending.  I also use any left over tanner that’s on the brush to sweep across the back of my hands.  (this is the exact brush I use)


I love the instant glow your skin gets from applying this product.  When I first got it in the mail I tested it out on the back of my left hand and had nothing on the other.  After I let it sink in you could very noticeably tell that the left hand looked dewy and moisturized and my right hand looked dull and dry.  This light weight formula can be worn 3 ways.  Alone on bare skin, under makeup, or (may favorite way) mix it with your daily moisterizer.  I take a dab of my moisturizer a pump of the Kiehl’s glow skin hydrator and apply it to my face with a brush.  BTW: This brush is a game changer!!  I love it so much!   


This foundation is amazing.  I mix it with a dab of my favorite moisturizer and use that same brush to apply.  This foundation has spf 15 and the color I’m using is CN 70 Vanilla.  This color is a shade or 2 darker than my skin color.  I personally do not agree with matching your foundation to your skin tone exactly.  A little bump in color works best for me and with this amazing brush you can blend, blend and blend to get a flawless look!  



I’ve been sweeping this highlighter across my cheekbones after my foundation to add a bit more glow.  Once I blend it in I top it off with my favorite bronzer!  This one is by NARS and the color is Laguna.  I’ve been using this product for over a decade.  



This is another “over a decade” favorite!  I have eyelash extensions but for most shoots or special occasions I always wear mascara over my lashes.  I love how it really opens up my eye and makes them pop.  Wether you have extensions or not you will love this primer.  I would recommend layering at least a 2-3 coats before you put your mascara on.



I love a neutral, moisturized lip.  This one is very sheer and moisturizing.  And funny story I actually ended up using it as a base (by accident) to my richer colored lip glosses…and I loved the result!  The color I applied on top is by Tom Ford (colorway:  Rouge Metal).  It goes on very smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips.  It also comes in a bunch of other shades! 

Kisses for my mini!  And she was so excited to finally get her ears pierced this weekend!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  You can shop all these beauty products below…





P.s.  A big thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!  Everything I share, as always, are my own thoughts and opinions.

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