It felt so good to be back at Trader Joe’s! This was my first official shopping trip there since the pandemic. Seeing more Trader Joe’s hauls was one of your requests of what to see more is in 2021…so here we go!  I shared all of this on my Instagram stories…but thought it would be helpful to keep it all in a blog post to save for Later. 


I also put together a blog post together sharing how I organized my fridge that you might find helpful! Click here to see!


F R O Z E N   F A V O R I T E S

My Family Loves this Chicken & Mushroom Pelmeni! My mom has an amazing recipe for it linked HERE. I definitely stock up on this one when I go to Trader Joes. We recently picked up an Air Fryer so I picked up a couple things to try out…I’ll keep you posted! Another favorite for the kids is this teriyaki Chicken that is great to put over rice or quinoa with some veggies. Another great and easy staple for the kids is their Mac’n Cheese. They also have a reduced fat option. I am excited to try out the pizzas/Flatbread in the air fryer because it’s one of my favorite foods. Another family favorite are these pastry pups. They are so yummy and really easy. Another one I’m excited to try out in the air fryer, lol. 




I picked out a couple new snacks that Ill have to report on later like this Spicy Chakri Mix. But these Savory thin mini Crackers are one of my personal favorites and my families too. We buy them in bulk because we go through them so fast. Great for dipping in the Tzatziki Sauce. Trying out a few new chips. I’m excited to try these Cassava & Coconut Tortilla chips! Also, love these peanut butter filled Pretzels and also think it’s fun they come in this mini size now too! It’s the little things these days…right?!  Also I didn’t get a picture but I love their salads. Specifically their baby Arugula and the Herb Salad Mix. I use 75% Herbed salad and 25% Arugula when I mix it. So good!



F R O Z E N   S W E E T S

The kids go wild for these little sweet snacks! I love that they are small so its the perfect amount to cure a sweet tooth. These mini cones are so fun. These little Oreo like Ice Cream sandwiches are really good too. Another item I love the size of. 




I almost always grab the Honey Crips Apple cider because the kids love it and I actually really enjoy it heated up! Another favorite is this Tejava Black tea. So good with a little sweetener and maybe a lemon wedge! Also, I don’t think any of you will be surprised when I tell you that I shop for the prettiest Liquor bottles when I get bottles for my bar cart. These two are so pretty! One of my favorite drinks is tea… especially Peppermint Tea and Chai Tea. I always am stocked up on these…even in the summer.  



S W E E T   T R E A T S

This pancake bread is so good! It is definitely full of sugar but so delicious! My family devours it! At one point during the pandemic my husband picked up 5 of them, ayyy yeiii yeiii.  Another staple for us are these organic chocolate chip granola bars. Great for on the go snack for the kids!   



B E A U T Y   P R O D U C T S

I have been using this Micellar cleanser towelette for over a decade and I love it! Its a nice pre moistened towel that works great if you don’t have time to do your whole routine. I especially love it for pre and post working out. This Honey Mango Shave cream. I’ve used so many brands and options and honestly feel like nothing has come close. Lastly is this Hair Mask. i have shared it many, many times and I highly recommend. It will leave your hair feeling so good!



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