I don’t know about you mamas but, ever since the kids have been learning from home, I struggle finding the time to run my errands. Especially doing the grocery shopping. Let me tell you living in an age where groceries can be delivered is a thing that makes me so happy. I’m sure you girls can relate.  I was so happy to find out that Walmart now has a membership service called Walmart+. Also, it’s more than just groceries they can bring you. See the details below and some pictures showing me drinking my coffee, in my loungewear waiting for my groceries to be delivered. Lol

Making lists of items we need around the house and groceries for the family is a must.  I will forget something if I don’t. We’ve even started to let the kids make their own list and bring it to us before we go get groceries. I love it because it gives them a sense of responsibility to get what they need and/or want on the list. It makes them feel good to be in charge of something and to contribute to the family hustle and bustle. Being able to order everything online or through an app on my phone saves me countless hours a week. I can even do it while on a zoom call…shhh don’t tell anyone. Walmart is now offering a membership called Walmart+ that delivers groceries and many other items outside of just groceries which is so amazing.


By having a membership I can save delivery fees on top of already good prices. Because, depending on your area,  you get a whole year of free unlimited deliveries(your order must be at least $35 and other restrictions apply)! It is an annual fee of $98 or just $12.95 a month. They also include a 15 day trial period. That way you can make sure it’s a good fit for you before you commit! Plus, I like Walmart because I feel like you really do get so much for your money and I can get us all stocked up for less money than I am used to spending. I also love that I can get sports equipment, electronics, home office supplies and school supplies delivered with my groceries! It just makes life so much easier.

There are even more benefits than free unlimited delivery. You may also receive member pricing on fuel with savings of 5 cents a gallon.  Plus, they have stores equipped with mobile scan & go which is really neat because it is contactless checkout. These days this is more important than ever. So if you are one who actually loves to shop and likes to pick out your own groceries this is a great option. It’s easy too. You use the Walmart app and scan your items yourself as you go. Then finalize payment at a self-checkout register then you just walk out of the store…you heard me right…you just, walk out.  When you sign up and enter your zip code it will show you all of the benefits your location can take advantage of. 



I hope you enjoy this membership as much as I do. Knowing I have one less store to go to saves me time and gives me peace of mind. Both things that are extra important these days!




P.s. A big thank you to Walmart for partnering on this post! Everything I share, as always, are my own thoughts and opinions.



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