Hi everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend.  For those that don’t know already my main background and degree is in Interior Design.  Which makes me feel extra grateful to share more home posts with you in the future.  In today’s post I’ll be revealing BEFORE & AFTER photos, my secret ART-TIP…and sharing our family room & gorgeous art work with MINTED HOME.  

This wall you’re seeing now used to be covered by a huge china cabinet and was filled to the top with “stuff”.  It was actually a hand me down piece from my parents circa 1980’s (see below for the BEFORE photo!).  I had major anxiety cleaning it out before we gave it away.   It had boxes of old photos, bar glasses, china from our wedding, souvenirs collected over the years etc.  Everything ended up finding a new place in our home, was donated or stored away in a keep sake box.   We’re trying to go “less is more”.   Easier said than done. 


So once this wall opened up we added additional seating and the search was on for either a mirror, canvas, print…etc.   

Keep scrolling below for more pics and my ART TIP……


I was having a hard time finding a print or piece or art that I loved and that was the right scale.  So I had to think outside the box!  ART-TIP… I ended up ordering 2 prints that are exactly the same…and hung one of them Up-side-Down.  This only works for non-objective/abstract art…unless you want to go super funky/lol.   Minted is such a great place to order this type of art work because you can customize almost everything.  From the size, framing, colors, matting options…etc.   I also love how they have a great preview option so you can see what you will be getting…and the scale!  



Here’s the example (below) to show how we hung one Upside-Down and the other Right-side-UP.






Style name:  Ever Softly Market Place.  (2) 30″ x 40″.  Matte Brass.  1/2″ frame.  Matted.  Standard Plexi. 


Do you like seeing before and after photos? 

We recently remodeled and I have a lot of B&A’s to share.  Let me know????

Thanks for stopping by today! 

I hope this post has helped and/or inspired you to think outside the box.  







P.S.  A big thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post!

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