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I’m so excited to share this post. I’m a big fan of self tanners.  Throw in Organic…and we’ve got a WIN.   I had a pre-melanoma cancer scare this past year.  All the years of laying out in the sun with minimal sunscreen, none, or baby oil was catching up.  But I’ll have to admit.  There’s something about having a Tan that gives you an instant confidence boost and a healthy glow.  So finding a healthy way to achieve that is always the goal.

When you first arrive you will discuss what type of tan solution will be best for your skin.  (*all the solutions they use are Organic).  Behind these curtains is the room you will be sprayed in.  They have a nice counter and cubbies to store all of your stuff.

Did you forget your hair tie?  No worries …they have plenty along with hair caps




FYI: we did 2 coats of the darkest solution.  Those foot things I’m standing on prevent the tanner from getting under your feet and to prevent slipping.  Caution:: they hurt really bad to take off.  I do have sensitive skin…so that might be the reason.  Powder helped to remove them.  Or rub some of the adhesive off before you place your feet on them!

Here are some products they sell.  The Organic coffee scrub is a great exfolient to use before your tan

Also don’t forget to receive 20% your full body tan.  Just give them the code: Aylin20 to redeem!  Here’s a picture (Day 4) after the spray tan.  My Tan lasted evenly for 8 days.  I have done spray tans in the past and would always love the immediate results…but then everything would wash away in the shower.  Not this tan.  Even after the immediate bronzer washed away…it left a good dark tan on my skin.  Just make sure to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  (fyi…do not use oil on the skin when self tanning.  It acts like makeup remover and will lift the color).
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.33.34 AM

Thank you so much for the great experience and the beautiful glow Blush Tan!

For locations near you click  here...also more info on their website here …and don’t forget to use the Promo Code.



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