Hi girls!  I’ve been working on this post for weeks now and I’m so excited to finally share this.  I love how skin care and makeup can instantly brighten your complexion, help you look more awake…and can help gain confidence.    My ideal makeup look is to have fresh, glowing skin with a little bit of color.  I like to look like I’m wearing very minimal makeup…nothing too overdone.  I’ve partnered with Nordstrom and have been testing out and trying some new products that I am so excited to share with you.  And guess what…one of the products is actually very popular with the guys.  I’ll tell you more about that one below….






  Apply Bobbie Brown’s nourishing milk and extra repair eye cream.  After you wash your face, pat dry with a towel and apply the nourishing milk.  It acts like a serum and leaves your skin feeling dewy and refreshed.  This eye cream is my absolute favorite.  I’ve been using it the past 3 years!  The smell is really yummy.  You’re going to laugh but it reminds me of fresh-cut sweet green beans…lol.  I of course dab this all underneath my eyes…but use it the most on my lips.  I use this in the morning and especially at night before bed.  




Charlotte Tilbury “brightening youth glow” and the “unisex healthy glow“.  I love the brightening youth glow and use it like a primer.  It goes on very smooth and leaves a slight natural dewy look.  After, I apply the unisex healthy glow.  I’ll be honest,  I was skeptical of this product before I used it.  But I’m so happy I gave it a try!  (btw…this is the product I was mentioning that is popular with the guys).  It comes out of the tube like a white lotion…then as you start to rub it into your skin it changes into a beautiful natural tan color right before your eyes.  It works with your own PH levels so the color will look different on each person.  NOTE:  this is not a self tanner.  This is more of a tinted lotion. Washes off…will not stain. 




FOUNDATION & MOISTURIZER.  I’m super picky when it comes to my face moisturizer.  I have dry skin, so I love any face cream that is extra moisturizing.  This one is amazing.  It’s by Bobbi Brown and it’s called “extra repair moisturizing balm”   Not only does it smell like the spa but it gives your skin a dewy, soft look…that lasts!  And bonus it has SPF in it too!  I’m on my 5th plus jar of this magic cream.  I’m also really happy with this “even better glow” foundation by Clinique.  I mix it in with this cream and apply it with this Trish McEvoy brush.  It’s nice that you have the control of how much coverage you want when you mix up your own tinted moisturizer formula. 




UNDER EYE brightener.  I’m addicted to this little gold tube.  I love how it covers dark circles, blemishes, and imperfections but it is not heavy or cakey at ALL!  I also use it to outline my lips.  It gives the illusion that you have a poutier pout.  It comes with a brush but I like to use the other end of the Trish McEvoy brush





BLUSH AND BRONZER.   This is another cocktail I like to mix up to my liking.  I layer a little blush first, then a touch of bronzer then back to a little bit of blush.  Blending and layering is a little trick I like to follow when applying any makeup to my cheeks. 



So that is my make up routine that helps me achieve a natural, dewy, healthy glow.  Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I hope you found this post to be helpful.  Would love to hear if you have any questions about any of the products listed above.  Thanks again and have a great rest of your week!




P.S. A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! 


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