Hi friends!  Since summertime is here and we’ll be hosting out of town guests…I decided to give my guest room a mini makeover. While I was updating the bedding and fluffing the pillows… I got to thinking of all the things I try to do to make my guests comfortable.  What will give them the nicest stay…what items would I love if I were the out of town guest? So… I put together this blog to give you some ideas. With travel season being upon us I thought some of you were maybe doing the same thing as me. Enjoy!



Sheet Set

In my opinion the bed itself and bedding is the MOST important part of where you stay. If you aren’t sleeping good nothing is as fun. I try to make my guest room super luxurious. That’s why when looking for new sheets I headed to Bloomingdale’s because their luxury bedding selection is one of the best. I chose this really pretty grey feather (plume) pattern sheet set. It went really well with a piece of art I already had hanging on the wall. This sheet set is so buttery soft and comfortable. I also picked up a few Euro Sham Covers which are great because they are reversible and one side is a bolder print which really helps add depth to your bed. I paired these with a fluffy down comforter and just a basic clean crisp white duvet cover. 


I love to have a variety of pillows types on the bed. Soft and fluffy pillows like a down pillow and then some that are slightly more firm. That way, there is usually always one similar to what my guests have at home which helps them get a better nights sleep. I also love to add plush soft and maybe textured throw pillow and I always add a nice soft throw for them to snuggle up with. 


Thoughtful Items

Honestly, this is one of my favorite parts about getting a room ready the night before my guests arrive. I have two little baskets and I fill one with travel size items like body wash, a razor, Q-tips, cotton rounds, lotions, and a small pack of Advil and any other fun things I come across and think they may find useful. I usually put that in the bathroom that is in the guest room. The other basket I fill with snacks. I like to put almonds or Pistachios, healthy energy or protein bars,  and maybe some skinny pop and a bottled water or two.

I love making my home feel like a hotel for my guests. So in addition to everything else I like to add a candle in the room and always some fresh flowers or maybe even a few sprigs of fresh eucalyptus. Lastly, when doing a refresh I always make sure my guest towels are plush and still soft and if possible I like to offer them in a few different sizes. Like standard and the sheet size along with plenty of hand towels for them to wash their faces. Tip…Get bright white guest towels. These can be bleached and that helps keep them white and bright theres no color to fade. This will make them last so much longer. 

Thank you for stopping by! I loved writing this post today and I hope it gave you some fun ideas for the next time you have house guests. If you try any of my “thoughtful items” you’ll have to share what you did and how your guests responded! 🙂 Have a great weekend and I’ll chat soon!




P.s. A big thank you to Bloomingdale’s for partnering on this post! Everything I share, as always, are my own thoughts and opinions.

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