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_MG_2125a  _MG_2140 _MG_2117 _MG_2124a  _MG_2129 _MG_2143photo1 I bought these Anthropolgie joggers on a Tuesday, and wore them Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Hey-dont’ be judge’n 😉  I can only express my honesty to explain how much I love these pants!!  Here are my 3 most important shopping tips I always recommend before you purchase investment pieces.
1. The comfort.  Is this a piece you would want to wear?  Is the fabric soft, stiff or crunchy?  I can’t stand a pair of crunchy jeans…if you know what i mean.  I always look for materials that have some stretch in it.  You want to invest in pieces that feel good on your skin.  If it’s not comfortable to wear…I guarantee it will most likely just sit in your closet.  This brand I’m wearing has my heart.  It literally feels like you’re wearing your PJ’s!  You can read more about this brand from one of my last few posts right here.
2. The quality.  I’m pretty good at accessing the quality with just feeling the fabric.  Don’t let the price and sometimes even the name brand fool you.  I’ve bought items from the same designer and have had one be a great quality item…and the other NOT so much.  These pants I’m wearing are not what I would call inexpensive…but when you wear them so much you know it’s worth the investment.  And when something lasts wash after wash you know it’s a score in the Quality department!
3. The styling versatility.  This tip is very important!  When buying an investment piece you want to make sure you can wear it 3 days in a row.  Ok, just kidding.  But what you want to ask yourself is, “can I wear this in more than one way?”.  For example if you’re looking for a shift dress for summer try seeing yourself wearing it to different occasions.  Maybe it’s paired with flip flops, sunglasses, cross body bag and a tassel necklace for an afternoon BBQ.  Then belted with a blazer, a clutch and high heels for a dinner date.   That’s why I love these Anthropologie pants so much. They can be worn with flats, heels, flip flops.  They can be worn with blacks, whites, colors, chambrays.  Depending on how you accessorize it… will also change the look.
So keep these tips in mind the next time you’re about to invest in a purchase.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog!  xo

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