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Sharing a few of my favorite things on this weeks “Stylin Spotlight”. Like this lipgloss/treatment I’ve been using from amazon that’s so good. It helps to visibly volumize, define, hydrate and soothe your lips. Also, if you’re looking for a cozy lounge set you’ll want to live in… I’ve got the perfect set for you. The fabric is so soft and it comes in several color options. Make sure to check back next week for some home decor finds and decorating tips.



A M A Z O N   S E T
I’ve been wearing this lounge set on repeat. It’s so cozy and great quality. I picked it up in both black and ivory. Currently I’ve been wearing the black set but can’t wait for the weather to warm up to wear the ivory. The price is amazing and I give them a 9.5 out of 10. I wish they had pockets but that’s my only complaint.


L I P   R E P L E N I S H E R
I’ve been using this lip gloss/ replenishing treatment from amazon and it’s so good. It helps to visibly volumize, define, hydrate and soothe your lips. FYI if you don’t like the feeling of a lip gloss then this product is not for you. I prefer to use it during the day because of its shine & all the hydrating benefits. I also really like the metal applicator and the light minty flavor.


Y S L   H A N D B A G
I got myself an early Christmas gift/anniversary gift when we were in Greece. I had my eye on this bag for soooo long… and I’m so glad I waited because it made the purchase even more special. (& now I’m a huge fan of euro pricing on designer pieces.) This bag is so beautiful, the leather is super soft & it’s the larger size. It’s slouchy but has a bit of structure at the same time. I’m excited to share it’s available in a smaller size that’s almost half the price.


G R A P H I C   T E E
I love graphic tees and especially ones from Anine Bing. I love the throwback to Brigitte Bardot in this vintage style tee. It looks great with denim jeans,  joggers, or trousers. I love styling it with athleisure and layering a wool coat or blazer over it. It makes a great travel look.


G U C C I   S U N G L A S S E S
These are one of my favorite pair of sunglasses. I’ve used them for yearssssss and recently ended up buying the exact same pair. The quality is so good & the weight is not heavy (which is usually a dealbreaker for me). They’re flattering and give you that nice
oversized sunglass without being too large. They also can help elevate or polish your look. I also like that even though they’re Gucci the designer is understated.



This terry cloth headband is currently very on trend, lol. I’m seeing it everywhere. I use mine when I apply face masks, serums & creams or when I wash my face. It keeps my hair dry and also keeps my hair from falling in my face. It’s such a cute bubble style and comes in a pack of three and is under $10.


C E L L   P H O N E   C A S E

The cell phone case is so pretty. And surprisingly very durable!! I’ve been using this since September & I’ve had no issues whatsoever. The wristlet is made of real freshwater pearls. It’s a chic accessory for your iPhone that also protects it a little from being dropped. This pretty chain pairs with a clear cell phone case to further protect your investment (sold seperately). I love that it’s both functional and beautiful. This would make a really fun gift for the holidays this year too.



Thanks so much for being here & I hope you have a great day! Xx




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