Happy New Years Eve! Goodbye 2020 and hello to a fresh new year! Last week I asked you girls what your favorite purchases of  2020 were and what your least favorites were.  The responses were so funny! I thought I would share them with you here so we can all enjoy. Some of your favorite purchases were also mine so I also was thinking it would be helpful to tell you why I loved them. 




D Y S O N    C O R D L E S S 

My Dyson Cordless Vacuum has been one of my most favorite purchases. It is such a game changer. Especially if you’ve only had corded vacuums before because it is so freeing. It comes with so many attachments you can literally clean nooks, blinds, couches, carpets, spider webs that are in corners of the ceiling. Its a great piece of machinery and it wont ever loose suction as the slogan goes. They also make some specifically for animals and attachments specifically for hardwood floors. You can almost always find these on sale especially once a new model comes out. They are getting more and more affordable.



B R E V I  L L E   E S P R E S S O

This machine was a recent addition to our home and I love it. We use this a lot on the weekend or for cocktails or whenever we aren’t in a rush. The quality of this machine is amazing and the espresso is so good. You grind whole espresso beans so you can buy any bean you want and aren’s stuck purchasing only one brand of coffee which is nice.  This machine is the type you keep or years and years and will turn you into a professional barista in no time!



N E S P R E S S O   M A C H I N E 

I have had this machine for years and I absolutely love it! I have the color “sea salt” and it is so beautiful. I like it because it makes exactly the kind of drink I am looking for and takes all the guesswork out of it. It is very fast and uses pods. The pods come in all different flavors and strengths and can be delivered right to your door. Nespresso also has a really great recycling program for the used ones. They turn them into kitchen tools like potato peelers. 




I don’t have one of these but I know that they were all the rage this year. I think its the workout technology and coaches/videos that make this one so nice. I could be wrong. But whatever equipment you buy to invest in yourself and your health is going to be a worthy investment!



M A S S A G E   G U N

Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this but honestly it is a game changer. We use it almost every day. Whether you are sore from a hard workout, have achy muscles, old knots or sore feet this thing helps so much. I feel like a new woman after I’ve used it. It is really strong, has a few different strength settings and has 5 options for massage heads to help you get the spot that hurts. I highly recommend getting one of these.  You wont want to live without it once you’ve tried it. 



S L E E P   M A S K

I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of my favorite purchases of all time. This sleep mask is so good! Even if you aren’t a mask person you will still like this. I think this one is so different because there is a soft bumper around the outside so it doesn’t actually touch your eyelid. This is especially great for you girls with eyelash extensions. But it makes the room pitch black and it is so comfortable you cant even tell you have it on. You just sleep so much better!



B A R E F O O T   D R E A M S   B L A N K E T

This blanket is one of my favorite blankets because it is so plush and so cozy. It comes in several colors which helps to match your home decor. I also love that it is oversized so you can snuggle with someone under it.  This throw is the most popular year after year. But it washes nice and will last for years to come. So worth it in my opinion too. 



D E S I G N E R   H A N D B A G S

I have liked all of my Designer handbags so I totally get where you girls are coming from. These pieces just feel so special and are such an expression of our style. Plus we literally carry them everyday. My husband may disagree with me but I can literally find 100 ways to justify a pretty handbag purchase…Lol. I linked a few of my favorite designer bags above for you. 



D Y S O N   A I R W R A P

I haven’t personally used this but I have always been interested in it. It gets rave reviews and I know it is used by celebrity hair stylists. I am even more interested now that so many of you girls are loving it. 



R E V L O N   B L O W   D R Y E R

I love this blow dryer and use it al of the time. It really helps to smooth your hair out while adding so much volume. It is really user friendly and I think is more simple to use that a large round brush and a traditional blowdryer. The best part is that is it so budget friendly and is typically around $30!



Face Masks



New Work Clothes for the office

rod with neutral colored women's clothing hanging on rose gold hangers


A Plane Ticket…to anywhere



A 2020 Calendar



Clorox Wipes


Thanks for stopping by! I am so thankful for you girls and am so glad we had each other this year! Wishing you lots of love, health and happiness in the new year!






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