Dressing my kids.  Sometimes they make it easy and sometimes they don’t.  Today I’m so excited to share some of my strategies and tips I’ve learned throughout the years that have helped me, New Arrivals for your kids Fall Wardrobe, and fun pics of my mini and I with Nordstrom.   Let me start off by being honest….I still don’t win the dressing battle every-time.  But these tips and tricks have saved me on multiple occasions.  




What I have found that works really well is to give my kids choices and options of what to wear.  Instead of me saying “you’re wearing this today”…I put out 2 different outfits and say “which one would you like to wear today?  This doesn’t work every time but I’ll take 7 out of 10.  



You know what I’m talking about??  Those pieces you can’t help but cringe when you see your kids in them.  A popular thing in our household is wearing clothing that’s too small.  My kids are growing by the second so it’s really hard to keep their closets updated constantly.  So yeah…those peices you hope your kids never grab, take them OUT OF SIGHT!   This will avoid a lot of conflict and arguing.  Try to only have pieces in sight that you like…or LOVE.



I can’t tell you how many things I’ve either handed down, or donated that still has the tags on it.  Kids can be so picky when it comes to dressing and one thing I’ve been able to figure out is comfort is Key!  I’m talking about softness, the fabric, is it easy to run and play in.  If the clothing is itchy, or scratchy or stiff there is a good chance they (at least my kids) will never wear it.  



I also think it’s so important for your kids to develop their own style.  Is there persuasion that goes on…absolutley.  But you can only do so much.  And one thing I’ve learned that the older they get the more opinionated they are in what they want to wear.  For example my son loves surfer tee’s and shorts.  I’ve always loved a button down shirt on him…but he totally dislikes the idea.  I can usually get one on him for family pics or a recital but that’s about it…lol.  So to compromise I found some super comfy button down shirts that are made out of Tee shirt material.  He actually doesn’t mind wearing them. 


Let them find their individual style and then you can steer the wheel.  


My mini loves this dress! (and mom does too). 

Paired it with these white sneakers to give the look a more casual feel

How cute is this cross body bag! 

I love the black and white and how it’s very kid friendly.




Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!  





P.s. A big thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post! Everything I share, as always, are my own thoughts and opinions.

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